Ghana at the peak of Coronavirus crisis – Ghana Health Service

This is according to the Director of Public Health at the Ghana Health Service (GHS), Dr Badu Sarkodie.

At a press briefing at the Ministry of Information in Accra today [Tuesday, May 5, 2020], Mr Sarkodie in answering a question as to where Ghana is on the bell curve, he said, “So to answer directly to the question, we are at the peak of the curve.”

Dr Sarkodie said the enhanced contact tracing has contributed to the country’s sharp rise in its confirmed figures.

He, however, said the determination of the bell curve depended on a lot of factors, noting that based on the samples that are being tested, the country appears to be at the peak of the curve.

“If we are using the daily case incident with the signs and symptoms, then that will have a challenge. So clearly, the best data that we are using for the bell shaped curve is the use of data of the dates samples were tested”, he explained.

He added “So, you will realise that with the sharp rise and now with the cases that we are testing, clearly, we seem as a country to be on top of the peak and we are at stage to decline; that is the observation now.”

He, however, said the declination would “depend on how we adhere to the various preventive etiquette.”

The Presidential Advisor on Health, Dr Anthony Nsiah-Asare further contributing to the issue said unless all factors are put together, it is unclear to determine the shape of the country’s curve.

He said the curve simply explains whether the country’s healthcare system is overstretched or overwhelmed.

That, he added, the country’s healthcare system is not overstretched or overwhelmed.

“All that the curve means is that are we having an overstretched, overwhelmed health system? So if you are having do many people going to the hospital, then it means you have overstretched the health system…”, Dr Nsiah-Asare noted.

He added “In Ghana, our health system is not overstretched.”

Source: Graphic Online

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