The Ghana SOEs Oversight, Reforms, and Governance abbreviated as GHASORG is a technical assistance program from Agence Française de Développement (AFD) to support the State Interests and Governance Authority (SIGA) with the requisite monitoring systems to enhance the monitoring of governance and performance of State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs).

It is a 5 million euros project financed by Agence Française de Développement (AFD) aimed at contributing to the effective implementation of new mechanisms developed to consolidate oversight and to promote good corporate governance of State-owned enterprises (SOEs), Joint Venture Companies (JVCs), and Other State Entities (OSEs) in Ghana.

Funding for the 36-month project (2020-2023), includes a 1.5 Million € component by “Expertise France” purposely for technical assistance.

The GHASORG project will specifically focus on:

➢ activities leading to the re-positioning of the Public Investment and Asset Division (PIAD) unit of the Ministry of Finance. This will mainly be in the areas of policy and regulatory orientations and make PIAD an effective interface of SIGA with the Ministry.

➢ the capacity development of SIGA to undertake its new responsibilities, including the development and update of tools and guidelines.

➢ operationalization of the new oversight system and governance principles at the level of a sample of SOEs.


The project is organized around 4 main components:

❖ Component 1 – Support to the policy/regulatory orientations related to the State Ownership Policy (SOP) and the State Asset Management Policy (SAMP):

❖ Component 2 – Support the operationalization of the SOE/JVC/OSE centralized oversight

❖ Component 3 – Support the operationalization of centralized oversight at the level of SOEs:

❖ Component 4 – Project management and coordination of key actions including support to the Project Coordinator and support to staff on financial management and procurement

Expertise France’s team for GHASORG consists of the following experts:

• Dr Saikou Amadou Diallo: Project coordinator based in Accra/Ghana.

• Ibrahim Aziz Maltiti: Procurement and Finance management expert based in


• Paola Brienza: Project manager based in Paris/France.

AFD contact points are:

• Mr. Christophe Barat: Projects Team Manager, Public Entities Governance.

• Mr. Jean Hugues De Font REAULX: Deputy Country Director Ghana.