The Hungarian Ambassador His Excellency András Szabó paid a courtesy call on the State Enterprises Commission on January 20th 2018. The Executive Chairman, Hon. Stephen Asamoah-Boateng and his team received the delegation. Some of the issues discussed were about the contract negotiation meetings between the commission and the SOEs, of which the Bui Power Authority (BPA) was part.

The Executive Chairman explained the structure of the performance contract negotiation and signing, and gave a little insight into his background in public service and what he brings onboard to actualize the vision of President Akuffo Addo.

On his part, the Hungarian Ambassador András Szabó , commended the Executive Chairman for being able to supervise over 40 SOEs.

Zoltan Kadar, the official in charge of one of the Hungarian business relations who represents an investment group said they do investments in “technology infrastructure and are open for PPP arrangements”. He also talked about business consulting for State Enterprises in Hungary. Another official David Bekesi of the Hungarian delegation from Mackenzie Consulting, talked about “process efficiency, lean systems and new revenue sources”.

Highlighting on background of the State Enterprises Commission, the Executive Chairman talked about how Ghana’s Founding-President Dr Nkrumah set them up. He also talked about the real time monitoring of the SOEs that the Commission intends to embark on and the single entity, as well as the control over the general public investments, both 100% and joint venture companies and emphasized his impartiality in the choice of consultants for the commission.

He also inquired about the Hungarian entity that handles their SOEs, and talked about “research and bench-marking” being very important for SOEs sector management.

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