RTI Commission Educates SIGA on RTI Act

The Right to Information Commission yesterday trained selected staff of SIGA on the RTI Act 989 of 2019.

The Act which took 20 years to be passed seeks to facilitate the right of access to information, promote and sustain awareness of citizenry in their rights to information and of institutions in their obligation to disclose information.

Mr. Stephen Owusu, head of Legal, Regulatory, Research and Governance for Right to Information Commission took participants through the process of requesting for information, who can ask for information and the timeliness for replying and supplying information.

He also explained the 12 exempted information which includes information meant for the president, vice presidents and for cabinet consideration. Others are information bordering on national security, privileges amongst others.

The very interactive training drew questions from almost all participants who sought clarifications and made suggestion on a wide range of issues.

It was disclosed that SIGA needs to open a separate account for RTI receipts (RTI Act 989 section 61) prepare and update an RTI Manual annually and submit an RTI report by the 30th of June every year.

In attendance were, heads of divisions, technical advisors and managers from SIGA and the corporate affairs team of RTI Commission.

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