Ghana Bauxite Company Limited

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First discovered in 1914 in Ghana by Sir Albert Kitson, bauxite is an ore and the main source of aluminium. Though the British Aluminium Company gave approval for the mining of Bauxite in 1928 at Awaso in the country’s western region, the exploration and mining works started only in the 1940s. Ghana has substantial deposits of bauxite in regions of Ejuanema, Nyinahin, and Kibi, though most of them remain unexploited with mining activities mainly undertaken in Awaso.

Ghana was allowed as a member of the International Bauxite Association in November 1974. Ghana Bauxite Company has been working on the mining site in Awaso since 1941, which is said to have enough reserves to last for more than three decades. Other bauxite reserves of Ghana are said to have reserves to last for more than a century.

In 2009, Bosai Group successfully acquired from the world mining giant, Rio Tinto, the Ghana Bauxite Company Limited. It was later found through exploration that the company owned the world’s best deposits of high alumina and low silica bauxite ore, the amount of which reached approximately 100 million tonnes in total.

The mine is an open pit with low stripping ratio which poses little difficulty for mining operation. The typical proportion of Al2O3 content in crude bauxite ore is approximately 49%, which can reach above 50

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