SIGA and SA High Commission Deepen Ties



The South African High Commissioner Her Excellency, Grace Jeanet Mason paid a courtesy call on the Director – General of the State Interests and Governance Authority (SIGA), Ambassador Edward Boateng today at the SIGA Office in Accra.

The purpose of the visit was to hold bilateral discussions on a potential partnership between SIGA and South African state-owned enterprises in the areas of training, investment, and economic progress for the two countries.

Ambassador Boateng welcomed H.E. Mason and conveyed his heartfelt appreciation for her presence. He commended the South African Government for their continuous support in advancing Ghana’s socio-economic development and celebrated the recent milestone achieved on November 1, 2023, which was the successful finalization of a visa waiver agreement between the two countries allowing unrestricted travel for business and tourism.

In his address, Ambassador Boateng provided a comprehensive overview of SIGA’s mandate, ongoing initiatives, successes, future projects, and the proposed collaborations between South African state-owned enterprises and SIGA. He emphasized SIGA’s commitment to closely collaborate with the South African High Commission and its associated agencies to enhance governance within specified entities and facilitate the exchange of knowledge and experiences with state-owned enterprises across the African continent.

Ambassador Boateng stated, “SIGA seeks to establish a strong partnership with the South African High Commission and its affiliated agencies, aiming to strengthen our oversight role and enhance governance within the Specified Entities. We also aspire to foster the exchange of ideas and experiences with state-owned enterprises across Africa, with SIGA leading the way.”

Ambassador Mason reciprocated the warm welcome and lauded SIGA for its outstanding contributions in Ghana. She acknowledged the striking similarities between South African state-owned enterprises and their Ghanaian counterparts, affirming her steadfast commitment to ensuring the success of their collaboration with SIGA at all levels. Ambassador Mason also expressed the South African Embassy’s eagerness to work hand in hand with SIGA on study tours and training programs for the mutual benefit of both countries.

Ambassador Mason said, “We are fully committed to collaborating with SIGA to explore opportunities for partnership and shared growth. South Africa and Ghana have much to offer each other, and I am confident that this partnership will be mutually beneficial.”

Mr. Thando Dalamba, Deputy High Commissioner joined the South African High Commissioner for the visit. The SIGA team included Mad. Hollistar Duah Yentumi, General Manager, Operations, Mad. Alexandra Totoe, General Manager, Finance and Administration, Mrs. Helen Addo, Board Secretary, SIGA Divisional Heads, and the Corporate Affairs team.

The courtesy call was an insightful exchange of ideas, paving the way for future collaborations, and a promising economic growth for Ghana and South Africa.

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