Corporate affairs

Coordinating corporate programmes and communications in line with strategies and policies to enhance the image of the State Interest Authority (SIGA) as well as provide internal support for the relevant state interest entities.

Acting as a one-stop-shop for Information Management System, manage a knowledge management system that would collate, publish and maintain reports as are necessarily required within the framework of the relevant legislations eg Ownership Policy, Public Financial Management Act and Regulations, Company Act, etc.

HR & Administration

Responsible for promoting within the framework of Government policy, the efficient or profitable operations of specified entities as well as developing and ensuring the implementation of HR and administrative strategies, policies, systems and structures for the achievement of SIGA’s strategic objectives.
  • Monitor and review the human resource strategy and organisational structures of the State interest entities and provide relevant technical support to ensure effective and efficient management of the human resource within the Entities.
  • Supervise the implementation of HR policies and activities in SIGA and the state interest entities to ensure effective and efficient HR service delivery.
  • Assist in carrying out relevant checks and investigations to provide a professional and objective opinion on the appointment of CEOs and Board members
  • Supervise human resource staff and activities to ensure compliance to human resource policies, procedures and process