SIGA Empowers Staff with Breast and Prostate Cancer Education



The State Interests and Governance Authority (SIGA) has marked the 2023 Global Breast Cancer Awareness month with talk on breast and prostate cancer.

The prostate cancer education was added to ensure that male staff were not left out.

The event centered around the theme, “Thrive 356”, aiming to promote proactive well-being and informed action.

Amb. Edward Boateng, Director- General of SIGA, commended the staff for their enthusiastic participation and encouraged them to apply the knowledge gained and share it with friends and family. He emphasized SIGA’s commitment to the well-being of its employees, aligning with the Authority’s welfare policy and corporate responsibility and charged staff to get tested regularly. He urged all staff to partake in the 2-day free screening at the Authority.

Madam Alexandra Totoe, General Manager Finance and Administration shared her excitement about the programme and called on staff to take the education seriously.

Dr. Kenneth Dadzie (Medical Director and GP at Impact Medical and Diagnostic Centre) an expert in the field, led the presentation. He covered various aspects of breast and prostate cancer, including their prevalence, stages of development, causes, symptoms, diagnosis, and available treatment options.

The presentation also addressed factors contributing to these diseases, such as unhealthy lifestyle choices like excessive alcohol consumption, smoking, physical inactivity, and a family history of cancer. Dr. Dadzie emphasized the importance of regular screening and dispelled the misconception that mammograms expose the breast to significant radiation, clarifying that the emissions are negligible.

Participants had the opportunity to ask questions and receive detailed responses, further enhancing their understanding of these critical health issues.

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