“To oversee and administer the State’s interests in Specified Entities, to ensure shareholder value, financial sustainability and good corporate governance”


“Transformed Specified Entities through EXCELLENCE IN PERFORMANCE”


(a) Promote within the framework of Government policy, the efficient or where applicable profitable operations of Specified Entities.

(b) Ensure that Specified Entities adhere to good corporate governance practices.

(c) Acquire, receive, hold, and administer or dispose of shares of the State in State-Owned Enterprises and Joint Venture Companies;

(d) Oversee and administer the interests of the State in Specified Entities; and

(e) Ensure that:

(i) State–Owned Enterprises and Joint-Venture Companies introduce effective measures that promote the socio-economic growth of the country including agriculture, industry and services in accordance with their core mandates; and

(ii) Other State Entities introduce measures for efficient regulation and higher standard of excellence