SIGA holds its 2nd “Jogging To Bond” Event




The second edition SIGA’s annual staff games, dubbed “Jogging to Bond” has come off on Friday May 26th, 2023 at the Burma Camp Complex in Accra.

The event is aimed at improving staff’s physical well-being and creating a relaxed environment for both employees and management to communicate and foster camaraderie.

A walk from Burma Camp to La Palm Wine Junction and back set the tone for an exciting and vibrant day. At Burma Camp Sports Complex, an aerobic session was held to prepare staff for the games followed by a Staff durbar. The durbar offered staff the opportunity to listen and interact with management on pertinent issues.

In an address to staff, the Director-General, Ambassador Edward Boateng, expressed sincere appreciation to them for their dedication and hard work. He acknowledged their crucial role in achieving SIGA’s mandate and encouraged staff to continue striving for excellence in their respective roles.

“We recognise your hard work and applaud you for your commitment. We encourage you to continue to be up to task. Be rest assured that Management is committed to fostering a supportive work environment and ensuring your welfare. Enjoy today and let’s take this spirit back to the office,’’ he remarked.

After the durbar, staff regrouped into their respective teams namely: Royals, Hunters, Wakanda and Zulus for competition. The teams competed for honours in a variety of events such as Tug of war, penalty shootouts for women, lime and spoon races, sack races, table tennis and a 50m dash. The rest were brick walk, ball walk, 7 aside football for men, flip the bottle and dance.

After an exciting day of physical activity and camaraderie, team Wakanda who finished fourth in the first “jogging to bond” event demonstrated their determination and teamwork to emerge as winners. They dethroned last year’s champions, Royals who came 2nd, the Hunters maintained their 3rd position and Zulus came 4th. The true victory though was the sense of unity that characterized the entire event, reinforcing the strong bond among SIGA’s staff and management. There was enough food and assorted drinks available, ensuring that participants could have deserved feast and relaxation.

“Jogging to Bond” proved to be an extraordinary opportunity for staff and management to connect outside the confines of the office and served as a reminder that fostering a healthy work-life balance is essential for the general well-being and productivity of SIGA’s staff.

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