The State Interests and Governance Authority (SIGA) has hosted editors from selected media houses to editors’ forum. The forum aims at strengthening communication and cooperation between SIGA and the media.

Amb. Edward Boateng, welcomed the editors and thanked them for their unwavering support since the inaugural forum in January. He emphasized the importance of the media in nation-building and their role as vital players in spreading information and educating the public about the activities of SIGA and the Specified Entities under its purview.

“SIGA has being leading a number of activities since the inaugural forum in January. We want to share them with you today and rely on your generosity to spread the news. SIGA is supervising the preparation of the State Ownership Report for 2021 and 2022, has organized the second edition of the Public Enterprises League Table (PELT) Awards, and has recently undertaken a study tour to China with some SOEs under its supervision. Specified Entities also have their success stories to tell, despite their challenges, and we appreciate your collaboration in this area,” Amb. Boateng remarked.


SEs’ Contribution to GDP

Additionally, Mr. Mac-Effort Adadey, the Head of National Accounts at the Controller and Accountant-General’s Department, made a presentation on the impact of SEs on Ghana’s GDP. He used the opportunity to highlight some of the successes SIGA has accomplished since its establishment in the realms of compliance and SEs’ influence on the country’s economic output. He explained that as a result of partnerships between SIGA and other supervisory organizations, such as the Auditor General, Internal Audit Agency, and the Controller and Accountant General, etc., the number of SEs that are included in the consolidated National Account has increased from Nineteen (19) in 2020 to Sixty-two (62) in 2022. SEs’ contribution to GDP has also increased over the period from GHS10 billion in 2020 to GHS58.27 billion in 2022.

SEs’ Contribution to GOG Assets                                                                                                                        

Similarly, due to the increase in the number of entities complying with financial reporting requirements, the total assets of SEs captured in the consolidated National Account increased from GHS51.8 billion in 2020 to GHS 419.2 billion in 2022. The total GOG assets are expected to increase with the inclusion of entities captured in the National Accounts. We will continue to work with other oversight bodies to ensure the inclusion of all entities under our purview, SIGA DG assured.


The Head of Corporate Affairs, Mr. Stephen Asiedu, and the Manager for the Regulatory Sector, of the Performance Monitoring and Evaluation (PME) Division, Mr. Joseph Sarpong, took turns to present in detail the various activities outlined by the Director-General in his welcoming address. “We are on standby to give further clarification on all SIGA-related discussions and on our Specified Entities,” Mr. Stephen Asiedu said.

A question-and-answer session followed the presentation, during which various questions were addressed. The editors conveyed their appreciation to SIGA for providing them with an update on the various activities and assured that they would effectively inform the public using the information they gained.

The forum was also attended by the management and staff of SIGA.

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