SIGA Sensitizes NHF on Public Investment Management Framework



A cross-divisional delegation from the State Interests and Governance Authority (SIGA) has visited the National Homeownership Fund Ltd (NHF) to conduct a sensitization programme.

The sensitization programmes on the Public Investment Management Framework is the first in the year for specified entities.

Anita Arkutu, the Deputy General Manager of NHF who welcomed the SIGA delegation expressed her delight, emphasizing the significance of SIGA’s visit as the first of its kind to her organization. The meeting commenced with discussions aimed at fostering collaboration.

Mr. Charles Amoako-Atta, a Manager at SIGA’s Investment & Divestment Division, and the leader of the delegation, outlined the purpose of the visit. He said the training visit aims to educate stakeholders, particularly Specified Entities (SEs), on the Public Investment Management Framework in accordance with the Public Financial Management (Public Investment Management) Regulations 2020, LI 2411. The primary goal is to prevent delays in transactions requiring shareholder approval due to a lack of information he added.

Mr. Amoako-Atta proceeded with a presentation, followed by a question-and-answer session facilitating a thorough exchange of information between both parties.

This visit underscores SIGA’s commitment to promoting transparency and efficiency in public investments and cultivating partnerships with key stakeholders in Ghana’s public enterprises landscape. It represents a significant step towards achieving SIGA’s overarching objectives of enhancing governance and accountability in SEs.

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