SIGA Starts 2022 Contract Evaluation


The State Interests and Governance Authority has commenced the evaluation of the 2022 Performance Contract signed by the Authority with 63 Specified Entities (SEs).
The Evaluation exercise marks the conclusion of the 2022 performance contract cycle. As part of the performance contract requirement, SIGA carried out a Performance Monitoring which included desk and field monitoring visits. It is required that at the end of the implementation of the contract, SIGA carry out an evaluation of the SEs performance under the contract.

In this 2022 Performance Contract Evaluation exercise SIGA will visit all the 63 SEs and validate the data and reports submitted as part of the requirements. Scoring projects site under the contract will be visited.

Significance of the Evaluation
The evaluation report will be submitted to the Minister for Public Enterprises in fulfilment of Section 4(e) of the SIGA Act, 2019 (Act 990) which requires the Authority to prepare and submit to the Minister, an annual governance and institutional performance of the SEs for submission to Parliament and the Office of the President. The report will form part of the accountability mechanism SEs owe the State. The findings and recommendations from the report will feed into the next performance contract cycle to improve the overall performance of the SEs.

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