SOR Project Team Goes Off-Site


A team, working on the 2021 State Ownership Report (SOR) are meeting off-Site.

SIGA for the first time is overseeing the preparation of the State Ownership Report (SOR) after taking over from the Ministry of Finance. In order to expeditiously finalise and submit the report, the project team embarked on an off-site meeting from 27th February to 4th March 2023.

The SOR has over time become an annual statement that apprises stakeholders and the public on financial development and overall performance of our Specified Entities (SEs).

Unlike other statutory reports like the Auditor-General reports, the SOR disaggregates data on performance in relation to profitability, liquidity, investment attractiveness and efficiency to the citizens on investments by the state. The SOR provides an entity level, and aggregate assessment of the operational and financial performance of SEs.


The project is led by Dr. Prince Edward Darah (Head, Research, Innovation, Planning & Strategy) and coordinated by Mr. Samuel Obeng-Ankomah (Manager, Finance & Allied Services Sector – PME). The project team consists technical staff from SIGA, the Ministry of Finance (MoF), the Controller and Accountant’s General’s Department (CAGD) and other relevant stakeholders.

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