Summary of President’s 6th Update on COVID-19

  1. The border closure and the mandatory isolation have been successful and it will remain closed until further notice.
  2. About 10,000 contacts have been traced and they would be tested in the coming week. The exercise has so far been successful.
  3. There have been 378 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Ghana.
  4. 4The partial lockdown and restriction of the movement have been extended to One More Week subject to review.
  5. Electricity Bills for lifeline consumers to be paid fully by the Government. For all other categories, govt will pay 50% using March bills as a benchmark. This will be for the next 3 months ie April to June.
  6. Excesses in the lockdown will be investigated to later.
  7. President thanked all countries, international institutions, local institutions who have donated to the country.
  8. The public has been advised to desist from organizing big gatherings this Easter.
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