PSC Shipyard (subsidiary of GPHA)

The construction of Tema Shipyard and Dry-dock (“the Shipyard”) was commenced in 1964 by the government of Ghana during the construction of the Tema Harbour as part of the overall infrastructure requirement for Ghana’s maritime industry.

Ghana Highway Authority

The Ghana Highway Authority (GHA) was established as a body corporate by GHA Degree 1974 (NRCD 298). NRCD 298 was repealed by GHA Act 1997 (Act 540 ) which, however, continued the Authority in existence with responsibility for the administration, control, development and maintenance of the country’s trunk road network totalling 13,367 km and related facilities. GHA’s 13,367 km trunk roads make about 33% of Ghana’s total road network of 40,186 km.

Intercity STC Company

Intercity STC, formerly known as STC (State Transport Corporation) and Vanef STC, is a Ghanaian joint state and privately owned transport company which operates, transport services, courier services, driver training as well as vehicle valuation, maintenance and testing.

Metro Mass Transport

The Metro Mass Transit Limited is a public transportation company in Ghana. The company was set us to provide reliable and affordable means of transport for commuters within villages, towns, and cities as well as provide intercity movement.

Volta Lake Transport Company Limited (VLTC)

The Mission of VLTC is to promote the development of the Volta River Basin through the provision of economical, reliable and efficient multi-modal transportation chain and ferry services using lake transportation as the main link to ensure the financial viability of the company.